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The idea of ​​the unlimited human intellect, like from the movie ”Limitless” is a few...

The idea of ​​the unlimited human intellect, like from the movie ”Limitless” is a few hundred centuries old. During the seventies of the last century, when science proved that an average person only uses a small part of her brain, scientists developed a theory about drugs that boost brain performances.

Modafinil is, with no doubt, the most popular nootropic in the world. Even if you didn’t try it so far, you probably heard of it. Since the official medicine still doesn’t accept the concept of smart drugs, this nootropic was initially developed as a conventional treatment for narcolepsy. A seemingly harmless illness can cause significant problems. Find more about this sleep disorder on this link: https://www.sleepfoundation.org/articles/narcolepsy.

Buying Modafinil Online – Yes or No?

After the practice has proven the success of Modafinil, this drug became widely available. You can find it in every drug store or in online shops. People with the Modafinil prescription (diagnosed with narcolepsy or ADHD) can quickly get it in every local drug store.

However, those who want to use the benefits of Modafinil to improve cognitive abilities, most often opt for online shopping. In the era of modern technology, online sale is blooming, so you have to be cautious.

Don’t Trust Everything You See on the Internet

When some commercial product is prosperous, such as Modafinil (which holds a sovereign first place among nootropics for years), its copies soon appear on the market. Without discussing their quality and possible risks of their use, you definitely should skip websites that offer this medicine at very low prices.

Such online stores are suspicious in many ways – most of all, the web design of the site is questionable. Then, they ‘attacked’ you with the advertisements and banners from all sides. Observed from the SEO perspective, this access to Internet sale and bothering Internet users is unacceptable. If the website is not certified for the online sale of Modafinil, just stay away from it.

How to Recognize Certified Online Store Selling Modafinil

On the other hand, numerous reliable web pages deal with online sales of nootropics. You can be sure of this after exploring the user experience, reading the recommendations, and finding the license for the authorized distribution of Modafinil.

High prices don’t have to strictly mean that you are in the right place for the purchase of licensed nootropics. Sometimes, official web stores offer Modafinil at available prices because of promotion, discounts or ‘buy one, get two,’ or some similar action.

Online stores do this to get rid of supplies or to attract more customers. Also, one of the options on how to buy Modafinil at a lower price is to get and use coupons. They can bring significant savings. You can usually find these coupons on online stores or specialized coupon websites, and you can learn about it here.

Benefits of Online Modafinil Purchase

The biggest advantage of Internet shopping is that you don’t need a prescription. At least, not every time. Numerous pharmacies offer an online drug purchase option, but you need a prescription. If you are buying Modafinil as a brain performance booster, you should check online stores that distribute Modafinil.

Online shopping offers many benefits. Lazy people, or those ashamed to buy in the local pharmacy store, will particularly love this kind of shopping. This purchasing process ends in just a few clicks. It’s usually cheaper than ‘ordinary’ shopping, and the ordered product comes directly to your door. Also, many Internet users highlight discretion as one of the greatest advantages of online shopping.

Disadvantages of Online Modafinil Purchase

Security is sometimes questionable in online shopping. Particular attention should be paid if you order Modafinil from a country that doesn’t have clear regulations on smart drugs. It can cause legal issues in your homeland.

Another important thing about security is leaving your data when ordering. Internet scams often happen. Be very careful where you insert your information, especially the credit card number. Besides the fact that the web store should have a license, its URL should be verified (when entering an unreliable online source, the software sends the notifications). Also, the website should have excellent customer support, in case something goes wrong.

Offers to good to be true, probably are not. If you find a website that Modafinil sells at steadily low prices, you should assume that it is a low-quality medication. If you are not sure how to identify low-quality Modafinil, don’t rush. Thoroughly explore the experiences of previous users. Also, forums and blogs about nootropics can be of great help too. However, do a double check. Sometimes, online stores can sell generics, as the cheaper versions of some medicine.

Moral Dilemma Regarding the Use of Modafinil


Each pharmaceutical product has its own properties. One drug doesn’t have to work equally on all patients. So Modafinil will not have the same effect in anyone who uses it, either as a conventional therapy or a brain booster.

There are various moral dilemmas about using over-the-counter drugs. Recreational use of Modafinil in healthy people isn’t approved from a scientific point of view. When healthy people take Modafinil, this can be considered as a specific type of doping, as it artificially improves cognitive and working performance.

Based on known facts about the mechanism of action, Modafinil can cause increased blood pressure or slight heart rhythm disturbance, if you take it once in a while. However, science requires further testing to determine side effects after its long-term use. Modafinil won’t create addiction, so its consequences on the brain cells are still in the domain of theory.

We need to make this clear – there is no miraculous drug that will make you Megamind. But with benefits, like coupons, you can purchase high-quality nootropics at reasonable prices. These can improve your work performance, and make you use your time productively. Modafinil will boost your workflow, improve the decision-making process, and give you the energy you need. You’ll feel good, and save some money. Sounds good, right?