The Risks of Using Dietary Supplements

The Risks of Using Dietary Supplements

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While dietary supplements are common today, not all are good for health and wellness. Some of them can subject you to dire health risks. For that reason, this article shows you some of the risks to be aware of. 

Sadly, most people consume dietary products without consulting their health practitioners. Here’s our advice, before you go to take the supplements ask the doctor if it’s good for you.

Some of the supplements can harm your kidneys

Supplements like vitamin D will aid in the calcium absorption. This will ultimately lead to the protection of the bones. Often, people use supplements when deficient of vitamins because they aren’t easy to get from food.

Unfortunately, if you use a lot of vitamin D supplements, the body absorbs it as extra calcium. This will then lead to kidney stones disease, stroke and heart disease especially in older women. 

Excess calcium will settle in your arteries

Human beings need calcium to maintain healthy bones. However, if you use a lot of it then you cause health risks. Calcium goes to settle in the arteries and this may cause all kinds of problems including strokes, heart attacks and blood clots. 

Risky presence of the vinpocetine

In the recent news, FDA has raised concerns in regards to the use of dietary supplements especially for pregnant women. The presence of vinpocetine causes fetus development problems. Most women also experience miscarriages. 

On the contrary, the supplement is expected to aid in weight loss and enhance memory. Sometimes they may even lead to weakness of the body. 

Muscle building supplements

This is another one of the most common supplements in the muscle building industry. Sadly, it also has adverse effects on the body. You should be careful that the contents don’t cause you heart diseases. 

This is especially true if you buy the ones that aren’t FDA approved. Before you buy one, just research about it first. 

General dietary supplement risks

Most doctors suggest that just like the drugs that have adverse effects on the body if you overuse them, supplements also have such effects. In fact, they emphasize the need to use food instead of supplements. 

Ultimately the general use of drugs will serve you but if you use it in excess then it leads to adverse effects.

Using different supplements at a time or together with food

Whenever you are sick and you need the administration of drugs you should consult the doctor. Some drugs and supplements can’t work together. They will hurt your body therefore you should first seek advice. 

Don’t overuse the supplements

At the end of the day, human liver doesn’t have the capacity to breakdown all your drugs. Therefore, if you use too much supplements with the aim of nourishing your health, it will eventually damage the liver. 

Some of the supplements will even cause diseases like hepatitis and cirrhosis. Remember you don’t want to damage the liver so limit the supplements use. 

Always keep off supplements that don’t show the manufacturing details. Unless its FDA approved you should never use it. Also follow your doctor’s prescription to only use it when necessary. 

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