How To Grow Your Cannabis Seeds In Lakewood?

How To Grow Your Cannabis Seeds In Lakewood?

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If you’re planning to grow your cannabis seeds in Lakewood, you should keep a few basic tips in mind. These tips apply whether you are a hobby grower who wants to grow weed for his benefit or whether you are planning to grow weed commercially to enjoy a great profit from your new business. Weed is basically a plant and all the rules of plant care apply. However, there are few additional things that you need to do in order to grow the weed correctly. So, here’s everything you need to know about growing your cannabis seeds in Lakewood

The light you expose them to matters a lot!

Mostly, when we think of growing plants, we think of spots where there is ample sunlight. This is true for weed too. Weed plants need at least 12 hours a day of exposure to the sun so that they can be healthy and strong (this time is 8 hours a day during the germination period). However, if you live in a cloudy city or a rainy one, the sun won’t really be your ally. In this case, you must get grow lights and place them in the area where the plants are. You can use high grade yellow lights that are meant to grow weed, as well as regular LED lights (which are also effective, but a little slower when compared with high grade yellow lights). Doing this is more convenient as you can accurately control the light that the plant is exposed to and therefore ensure a very high yield.

What you grow them in also matters!

When you think about growing plants, you think that you need to keep them in soil. While this is true, many people who are growing weed at home do not have access to the best possible soil that can help the plants thrive. Therefore, you should pick the growing medium carefully. There is something known as soilless dirt that is quite popular amongst weed growers. It looks like dirt and is filled with nutrients and is even more potent for the plants. On the other hand, many weed growers also use water to grow the plant. In this case, you can expose the germinated plant to a tank of water and let the roots dangle inside the water itself. The plants will grow in a healthy way, as long as you expose them to light properly.

With these tips in mind, you now know how to grow your cannabis seeds in Lakewood! Get the strain that you like the most and then go ahead and grow them. Keep in mind that weed plants can take anywhere between 7-9 weeks to grow! 

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